Public interest in new weight loss drugs

Aug 14, 2023

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey highlights strong public interest in emerging weight-loss drugs, with 80% of respondents advocating insurance coverage for overweight or obese adults. The survey aimed to assess the public’s receptiveness to prescription drugs that target weight loss, particularly as they originate from diabetes treatments like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro. These drugs address the obesity crisis and chronic illnesses like diabetes, garnering attention from healthcare providers and plan sponsors.

Around 70% of respondents had heard about the new weight loss drugs. While 45% overall expressed interest in using these drugs if proven safe and effective, the interest was more prominent among those trying to lose weight, with 59% showing interest. However, enthusiasm waned when potential barriers were discussed.

Regarding insurance coverage, 80% believed insurers should cover the costs for overweight or obese adults, and surprisingly, 50% were even willing to accept increased insurance premiums for everyone if it meant coverage. Respondents also criticized the high prices of prescription drugs, attributing them to drug companies’ profits. Additionally, 73% called for increased regulations on prescription drug prices.

The survey underscores the public’s keen interest in new weight loss drugs and their hopes for comprehensive insurance coverage.


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