A study by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans shows less than 50% of employees feel they understand their company provided benefits…. Even worse, only 13% of those surveyed feel they see value in their employer sponsored plan! 

Let us show you how to drive down cost and clearly convey the value in your employment offering today!

After Years of  Consulting and Countless Enrollment Meetings, Some Things Became All Too Evident…

  • Enrollment meetings are information overload with lunch provided.
  • Attention spans are short and benefits are difficult to understand
  • You can’t reach all members, specifically those with spouses or dependents.
  • Negative employees can affect their peers and diminish your companies value.
  • There has to be a better way!

Introducing Our Enrollment Meeting on Demand

Our Enrollment Meeting on Demand (EMOD) is a high quality digital enrollment meeting customized  and branded specifically for your company. It’s produced  as if we were right on location using a simple iPhone quality photo. It is deployable by both text message and email, and is accessible on the employee’s time (no lost productivity). Your employees  view your  Enrollment Meeting on Demand Video, they understand the value; they can watch more than once, rewind, share with a spouse, and can view again if needed throughout the year. For administrators  it completes open enrollment and on-boarding  with a few clicks.


Did we mention we can also produce your Enrollment Meeting on Demand in Spanish?

Accurate communication with your Spanish speaking population is critical in building value in a
tightening employee market, it’s the right thing and your legal obligation. At Pro Benefits Plus we
understand this growing need and we’re here to answer it!

Providing education and greater access to understanding is so rewarding.
Your benefits are critical component of your employment package,
bringing clarity and building value is what it’s all about.

~ Sandra Ibarra





One of our group administrators called it what it is, EMOD!  We loved the acronym for Enrollment Meeting on Demand and it stuck!  Company administrators and HR professionals absolutely love the efficiency that EMOD brings to the table.  Companies today need to become as competitive as possible and your employees are what drive your success. Having the ability to communicate the value in your benefits offering with a simple email link or text message brings a level of efficiency to HR administrators and they love it!

Ready to Change
The Way You Benefit?”