Engaged employees who are empowered through knowledge and transparency makes controlling your healthcare costs possible

When employees don’t understand their benefits, they can make poor healthcare decisions that have a negative impact health outcomes and further drive up costs.

The stats speak for themselves, America has a BIG problem with delivery and healthcare literacy.


Percentage of Americas fail to even see value in their benefit program.


Half of employees say they lack the understanding to use their plan properly.

We help you make smarter decisions

Traditional open enrollment has proven to be ineffective. We help your employees make smarter decisions, driving savings of over 26%* in your premium costs.

*on average


Meet your employees wherever they are by blending digital tools, printed materials, push notifications, and on-demand personal support. We even track down straggling employees so you don’t have to.

Enrollment Meeting on Demand (EMOD™)

Promote and explain your benefits offering consistently. Conducted against the backdrop of your workplace for brand recognition, EMOD delivers information directly to employees and their spouses in a convenient video format.

Printed materials

Employees love the simplicity of EMOD, but many also want to read something on paper. We help you engage your talent in the format that best suits them, distributing printed guides and materials across your workplace.

Online comparison

Our employee portal helps your talent confidently identify the best benefits for them by making plan comparison easy. Employees can view plan details and cost breakdowns, plan for the year ahead, and make selections online securely.

Our Benefit Sherpa’s are your expert guides driven to support employees through every step of their journey

On popular request from our clients, we offer an old-school bumper sticker you can place on a breakroom wall, HR office door, or entrance. It’s designed to keep one thing front of mind: friendly support is only ever a phone call away!

Your employees can call, chat, or book a meeting whenever works for them!

Benefit Enrollment All-In-One Bundles

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Maximize the ROI of your healthcare premiums

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