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Providing personal assistance to each member is one of our core principals, building satisfaction
in a time of need is critical in delivering value in your employment and benefit offering.

Common Advocacy Needs


The price healthcare services can vary hugely for the same procedure. Enabling consumerism by directing members to high quality yet low-cost options of care ensures the most bang for every healthcare dollar.


Our partners are specially trained billing experts who review and negotiate bills on behalf of our members.


Our team simply cares more, no need is insignificant and our members are treated with absolute respect and integrity. We understand the complexities members typically face and go the extra mile for total member satisfaction.


Incentive based plan designs coupled with best in class directive-care consulting alleviates the stress of finding the right provider. Our goal is to deliver the best health outcomes for the best price available. We have the ability to reward members for choosing value based care providing the best win/win possible.. Employees gets superior care, pay less for it and your company avoids the egregious balances post employee share for higher cost providers.

Alleviate Billing Concerns

It’s estimated that Up to 80% of all medical bills have errors. Studies of healthcare billing have found a concernedly large amount of medical bills include at least one mistake. Duplicate billing, incorrect coding or billing for services not rendered are some of the several ways that Americans are often overcharged for healthcare. Read this short article from Kaiser Health Network discussing this alarming trend.

360° of Benefits for the Complete Person

“We take a 360° approach to every member providing tools like debt management, employee assistance and advocacy programs. We have partners like Fresh Bennies and TouchCare to help us exceed members expectations.”

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Watch this short video from our Partners at TouchCare on how together we can deliver the win/win/win you need.

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