Growth in national health spending is projected to be faster than projected growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.0 percentage point over 2017-2026. As a result, the report projects the health share of GDP to rise from 17.9 percent in 2016 to 19.7 percent by 2026″ What programs does your company currently have in place to combat and change this trend?


Understanding Your Current Offering

Just like driving directions from point A to point B it’s necessary to understand where point A actually is so you can guide someone to their preferred destination.. Before we can offer you ideas or solutions, it’s vital we understand exactly where you are today.

Let’s find out where you are so we can get you to point B: Read More

There are significant differences as well as some strong similarities. Both can be the right solution for your company and it’s important you understand the attributes on both sides of the game.

In fully insured we would call it a carrier as a packaged product offered to purchase, in self-funded or level funded we’ll see a variety of leased networks that in some cases mirror the packaged fully insured networks like Aetna & Cigna or a number of other national and regional private networks. Network selection matters not only in access to care but also in discounts. Different regional areas have networks which perform better than others, which network are you in?

What is your benefit plan strategy? Proper plan designs influence decisions, bend curves and incentivize members for making informed choices. Do you have a current strategy in place to accomplish change?

Benefits play a critical role in your employment package and are a key component in employee acquisition & retention. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, “employee replacement costs can reach 50 to 60 percent of an employee’s annual salary”. IT MATTERS WHAT YOUR EMPLOYEES THINK! What is the overall response to your benefits? Have you asked your employees what they value most? An open line of communication is a great way to retain talent and “stay interviews” are a good way to question employees of what components of your employment package will keep them engaged. Have you considered closely how your benefits compare to your leading competitors?

With understanding comes value especially with more complex items like employee benefits. With less than 50% of employees claiming they understand their benefits today, how are you educating your employees of what exactly is being offered to them?  Benefits are costly; do you feel as though your members see the value in your contribution to their plans? How are you currently communicating the benefits provided at open enrollment and throughout the year for new hires?

Do they participate in wellness incentives, Preventative care programs, or seek incentive based care?  Engaging employees in wellness programs is a great awareness tool, but studies show these programs often sputter with ROI’s compared to incentive based programs. Does your current benefit offering incentivize your employee to make better health decisions?  Cost of care can swing hundreds of percentage points between different centers of care or providers.  The truth is that most members have no idea the cost of care prior to receiving it. By guiding members towards their desired best health outcome possible AND achieving that desired outcome for the lowest possible cost is the goal. How are you engaging your employees?

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Implementation of Cost Saving Strategies

So now with greater understanding comes greater results! Let’s review some of the tools that help turn the trend around!

By partnering with the right vendors we can provide greater access to care, build understanding, better manage claims spend and most importantly drive down costs while providing better health outcomes. Focusing on your core drivers related to cost of care most specifically hospitalizations, pharmaceuticals, Surgical Procedures, and sophisticated diagnostic testing. We’ll break down your drivers below. Read More

Have a listen to this Ted Talk by Peter Bach founder of the Drug Pricing Lab who poses the question we all should be asking, “Are You Playing Three-Card Monte with Your Prescription Drug Costs?” An eye opening discussion of the flaws in how most manage their pharmaceutical benefits… We’re here to change that!  We work with best in class Fiduciary PBM’s who totally change the game to a win for both companies and their employees, it is an absolute must for long term success. 

Providers can charge 100’s of percent more for the same procedures and some come with a greater cost yet a worse track record of positive health outcomes.. How can this be?

Want to take some time to read what we feel is the most comprehensive book to address your company’s current battle? It is a fantastic read, informative and eye opening to what we need to address to achieve the best for your company and your employees. Here is the link to access “The CEO’s Guide to Restoring The American Dream” .

Have a listen to the respected David Chase on TED Talk on “how Healthcare Stole the American Dream” – Here’s How We Take it Back… Let’s face it we must take it back! Together we can take it back!

Like your Mother always said, we’re judged by the company we keep!

We like to surround ourselves with like minded individuals who feel they too are in a position to improve healthcare in America. We build partnerships to produce results from concierge backed medical plans to fiduciary PBM’s to bring you and your members the absolute best. We build employees confidence to grow change, but this time it’s change that’s positive. Your company, your members come first.



Custom Built Benefit Suite to Deliver Results

Enabled by employee engagement and group based self awareness through education, we customize your benefit suite with tools and incentives to further reduce cost.

Employee satisfaction increases with lower out of pocket costs and reduced premiums.

Change The Conversation Around Your Health Plan

Watch this short video from our Partners at WellNet on how together we can deliver the win/win/win you need.

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